I guess I have to be considered a "flatlander" as I grew up in Easton, Massachusetts (please don't hold that against me!). I am the oldest of four children of 1st generation American parents raised in a house they built themselves. My dad worked in a machine shop, my mom was a homemaker and worked some odd jobs to help out. My parents were industrious people who taught my siblings and me the value of hard work, self discipline, and perseverance. Those attributes were crucial to me when I accepted an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1969, and gave me the strength and determination to graduate four years later with the Class of 1973. A honeymoon trip through Vermont in 1973 sold my wife, Barbara, and I on this wonderful state and, after my 5 year military commitment was over, we relocated to Clarendon in August of 1978. We've raise 4 children here and currently have 3 kids and 8 (and ½) grandchildren living in Clarendon and Tinmouth. 


As a telephone company engineer for many years I have developed the ability to work on my own and produce results. Some of what is needed in the state house right now is someone who will go through Vermont government's many agencies, commissions, and boards and determine job overlap and need. My work experience will help with that. My leadership positions in the military and civilian world will help me navigate the many layers of government and build coalitions of like-minded representatives in Montpelier. I look forward to this great challenge as we work to move our state government to COMMON SENSE solutions to our many problems.


Remember in November

Our district, Rutland District 2, consists of the towns of Proctor, West Rutland, Clarendon, Wallingford, and part of Tinmouth. Due to the size of the district we are awarded two representatives. At present they are Tom Burditt-R from West Rutland and Dave Potter-D from Clarendon.


    Statewide, Democrats and Progressives outnumber Republicans in the Vermont House of Representatives over two to one. Liberal legislation and policy making has resulted in bloated state budgets,  a pension system seriously underfunded, a terrible business climate, higher taxes, and too many climate change initiatives. The fact is, we need more conservative voices in the statehouse. I WILL BE ONE SUCH VOICE. I urge you to PLEASE take a look at Dave Potter's voting record at, then ask yourself if this is the type of representation you want.

If you are old enough to remember the Popeye cartoons from your youth, he always used the line "I've had all I can stands, I can't stands no more!!" I think that's how Vermonters feel right now. We can't stand anymore assaults on COMMON SENSE by our elected officials. I ask for your support in November, when we take the first step in returning sanity to our state!